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The Iris Encyclopedia (Wiki) is an amazing online resource. Information on types of irises, hybridisers, awards, propagation, and a list of all irises registered.

This database may be used to search for particular features. Very popular for searching for child plants of particular irises.

A wealth of information.

The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

The Beardless Iris Society was formed in June 1976 as a section of The British Iris Society to foster interest in beardless irises around the world by the exchange of ideas, seeds and plants. Website contains publications which you can download and enjoy without charge. 

The American Society for Louisiana Irises website - history, articles, photos. Note growing information is US based.

The Reblooming Iris Society (RIS) is a section of the American Iris Society. RIS promotes the interest and development of all irises which bloom more than once per year.

Founded in 1922 to promote the cultivation of irises.

Objective: To encourage, improve and extend the study and cultivation of the Genus Iris and to collaborate with Iris Societies in other countries to regulate the nomenclature, classification and registration of irises.

SIGNA is devoted to studying the Iris family in the wild as well as enjoying them in the garden. Scientific and cultural information on species and hybrids is available to the public via this website.

Information on varieties, hybridising, growing.

Iris discussion (US based)

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